What is Navigator?

Navigator London is dedicated to elevating the voices of publisher revenue leaders. As an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in engaging conversations on top topics– all led by our industry’s most powerful thought leaders and change makers.

You’ll leave with fresh perspectives on how you can drive revenue for your organization, all while building lasting relationships with your peers.

Navigator London will be comprised of four parts. The event will start with a discussion with a thought leader and be followed by small group-focused discussions on related topics. These topics will be determined by the attendees. Each group will be responsible for coming to a consensus on action steps that publishers need to take around specific issues. Everyone attending will have an opportunity to contribute to multiple discussions.


Meet our Speakers

Cath Waller

MD, Advertising, Immediate

Pete Robins

Founder, Project5

Preya Shah

Head of Digital Sales EMEA & JAPAC

Hanne Tuomisto-Inch

Director of Privacy Sandbox Partnerships EMEA, Chrome

Rob Webster

Chief Strategy Officer, Kindred

Rob Beeler

Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech



Elizabeth Corbin

Head of Advanced, Advertising Sky

Matthew Rance

Head of Commercial Data & Analytics. Immediate Media Co

Tom Bowman

Consulting Partner, CoLab Media Consulting

Duncan Arthur

Founding Partner, CoLab Media Consulting



Beeler Tech Navigator offered a unique combination of insightful presentations along with fruitful discussions among publishers and vendors discussing the major topics affecting the industry.

– Ed Arrandale, VP of Revenue and Operations, Weather Bug

Beeler.Tech events always bring together a great cross-section of Ad Operations professionals to discuss and tackle the common problems faced by Publishers. The sessions are well thought out and executed.

– Dylan Hightower, VP, Advertising Operations, Health Central

The only event where real, candid conversation is happening around the biggest issues, headwinds and opportunities for publishers and platforms. I always come away with at least 3 action items that lead to meaningful, positive change in my business.

– Julia Wilson, VP, Ad Partnerships and Product Strategy, Automattic

Beeler.Tech offers the most thought-provoking and actionable content in the industry. At Navigator, we identify industry challenges and break them down in to tangible focus areas that we can solution for.

– Lila Hunt, VP Display, System1

Navigator is a masterclass experience with powerful learnings within a curated room of progressive professionals. It’s an invite-only, if you know, you know kind of vibe which creates an environment that fosters trust and open dialogue that leads to strong connections.

– Rhonesha Byng, CEO, Founder, Her Agenda

Beeler.Tech gives me more perspective on our industry than any other organization. I can’t thank you all enough for the new knowledge, connections, and fun. Highly recommend getting involved. Come learn with me!

– Lauren Farber, Advertising Tooling & Infrastructure, Netflix

Anyone in a Sales/Revenue Operations function at a publisher would benefit greatly from being a part of the Beeler.Tech community. Simply put, “they get it”.

– Steve Pruzinsky, SVP, Revenue Operations, ShareCare

Navigator has become the can’t miss ad tech event of the year. The Beelertech crew does a fantastic job mixing engaging & relevant content with a warm “come as you are” community vibe. I can always be myself and easily connect with others tackling the same issues I’m facing.

– Ryan Maynard, SVP, Publishing Strategy, System1

Navigator invited speakers that were experts in their field and were able to share valuable insights and best practices. The small discussions was very comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to more advanced strategies which helps with training for adops professionals.

– Jeremy Gan, SVP, Revenue Operations and Data Strategy, MailOnline

Beeler.Tech consistently brings real talk to critical issues Publishers are facing with all of the changes happening in the advertising ecosystem. This event just might be the catalyst for Publishers finally joining forces to make mutually beneficial change as data owners in the cookieless world.

– Anthony Caccioppoli, Head of AdTech & Solutions, Business Insider